I just wanted to send a letter of appreciation and thanks for all of the top-notch service that you have provided to The Drake Company over the last 6 years.

Whether it was to build a new email server, support us in our network upgrades, configure our firewalls, or even as simple as answering our never-ending questions, you have always provided service that was timely and reliable. No job was ever too big or too small, and knowing that you were just a phone call away has made our work here so much easier.

We feel very fortunate that we have had you and your services here to support us as we grow.

I would recommend you to anyone that needed network support.


Sandy Mullen
IT Assistant
The Drake Company

I had the pleasure of working with the guys at Rook Systems and was very thankful for all their hard work and vast knowledge of the computer industry. I can not thank them enough for the help they provided me with.

Pat B on April 9, 2012


They were very helpful diagnosing my laptop and found a very inexpensive fix. I took it to another shop before coming here and was quoted more than 3 times what they charged.



Good deal on firewall and installation of firewall. They also helped me out when my exchange server crashed.

Thank you, Kevin.


I’ve been going to these guys in emergency IT situations and they have always bailed me out. No matter what the issue, they get my network back on track with little to no downtime. They also have fantastic prices on quality equipment, from laptops & desktops to servers & networking equipment. I highly recommend these guys for large or small IT related tasks.

Anonymous Local Merchant


Fixed my crashed network They got it done quick and cheap… Would call back next time the server crashed.



I went to this place, and got an awesome deal on a really nice, practically new laptop. I’m going back soon to get a desktop. They have lots of great bargains, thanks!



Love my new laptop. 150 bucks. Better than the last one i paid 500 for

David Sutton


one of the most helpful, knowledgeable group, I’ve ever worked with.
Art and David went way beyond the norm to make sure i was fully setup and ready to go onsite with a sever I was working on.
As well as helping me get it setup, to take it onsite to the customers location.
i more than got my moneys worth.
I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone like Art to help understand the entire scope of my project before.
the pricing was than invaluable.
knowing what to do once i got to my clients site made me look like a real hero!!
Art has helped many times in the past!! ONE OF THE BEST WITHOUT A DOUBT!!

John Bunn – Creative Computer Solutions


Rooks systems has the best service and quality in the world.

Candice Dela Cruz


Thank you for such an excellent offer! Got a very good workstation! Best service, I had a small issue, when I explained this to them, they were so nice and considerate about it! They were very patient as well. If anyone wants laptops or PCs, check this out first! The prices are amazing! And special thanks to Brad from Rook Systems Group!
Adrita Siddiqui



I would like to thank Brett for the great customer service and for going above and beyond my expectations assisting me with a purchase.

 I highly recommend Brett and Rook Systems Group!